Container Storage

Containers make excellent storage solutions

(Packed well they can fit the contents of a 3 bedroom house)

Containers make an excellent choice for storage.  They are watertight and can be moved around easily using a hiab.

You can use a container on site and come and load up here at your convenience or you can have the container brought to you whilst you fill it and then have it brought back to our secure storage facilities, either in Masterton or Carterton at our Waingawa location. (You will need to arrange the transport and we can point you in the right direction).

All of our containers are modern and watertight. You supply your own locks.

Great Access

You can drive in to our container storage yard. Access via pin or card.


Located just off State Highway 2 for Carterton and just off Ngaumutawa Road in Masterton.

Watertight and Modern

You can store all your valuables safely and securely. Containers are designed for shipping so are watertight.


Our containers fit cars in them, making it a great option for your precious cars.


Containers can be brought to you to fill and then brought back to our yard for security.

Choice of sizes

You can hire a full or half size container to meet your needs.

Contact us

If you have a complex storage solution or have any further questions.