5 Creative Uses for a Storage Unit

Storage, both container and units, have seen a growth in popularity in recent times. Lots of people are downsizing and moving to smaller more affordable homes but they don’t want to let go of their belongings.  Storage units can make a good alternative to a cluttered home and business.

In addition to downsizing, people are also turning spare space in their homes into offices and bedrooms, leaving less space for storage in the home, hence the growth in storage units.

However with “out of the box” lifestyles comes out of the box thinking.  There are many different uses for a storage unit. Here are just a few of the more out of the box uses for a unit.



1. Office/Workshop Space

Office space can be expensive, and self-storage units are a cheap alternative for dedicated office space. These spaces are ideal if you work alone or have a business where you need a desk and some storage, there could even be space for two or three desks at a push.  In Summer imagine having the door open and feeling the breeze in your face.


2. Band Practice Space

Being in a band can be noisy and if you practice at home can land you in all sorts of trouble with noise control. Level up your band and hire a full time practice space, industrial storage units are often in areas where there are no neighbours and no housing so you can make as much noise as you like, plus you can leave all your gear set up. No worries!


3. Hobby or Work Space

No shed, no hobby room? No worries. Hire out a storage unit and make your space a full time maker crate for your creative output. You can sand, restore and create to your hearts content in your very own dedicated space.


4. Gym

Keen to work out but no space in your garage, shed or home? Make your own gym in a storage unit, you could even get together with friends, it could be cheaper than your current gym membership and you could work with your friends making your own exclusive network of gym buddies



5. Your own Dream Space

Storage units are often accessible 24/7 and have an ample clean square space for you to implement your ideas. Instead of a man cave, why not have a storage unit cave, a home from home, a little secret getaway furnished just how you like it.

Perhaps you live in a tiny house but you need a getaway sometimes, storage units could make the ideal place to store your old stuff and revisit your past life.

If you need storage, we have units available this month in Pahaitua at our Queen Street Storage Facility.


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